Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

Chicagoans help on electronic cigarettes study

And on an airplane, he sneaks a quick puff and blows the vapor down toward the floor fellow travelers may not even notice. The bustling Vapor Spot attracts 18-year-olds to seniors, but mostly people in their 20s and 30s, Jenkins says. The blue-and-orange-walled store, which opened in 2009, was the first brick-and-mortar vape store in the country, he says. Customers can sit at one of six “bars” with a bartender to try the different flavors of juice. Vapers note that their e-choice is still less harmful than cigarettes, and more pleasant in taste and smell, even if they must go outside to indulge. Nonetheless, there is still risk to the person puffing on an e-cigarette, if the juice contains nicotine.
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Regal Cigs Reveals Vaping Celebrities

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Employee Katie Galan an e-cigarette user herself rattles off a menu of options. First, choose your nicotine level. Katie Galan: Twenty-four is a little higher than your average cigarette, 16 is a little lower. Then, if youd like, add a flavor. Next, select the color of your stick the battery portion that looks like a real cigarette.
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Can electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the traditional habit?

Heigl started her acting career in 1992, but it was not until 1999, when she landed a role on the hit television series Roswell, that she came to the attention of a wider audience. Following Roswell, which she left in 2002, Heigl performed in a series of made for television movies until 2007, when she won the lead in Knocked Up. Knocked Up, a comedy that pitted Heigl against leading man Seth Rogan, was the movie that made her a household name. After this movie became a hit, Heigl played alongside many notable actors, including Gerard Butler, Ashton Kutcher, and James Marsden.
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